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Noir CigarsOur membership is limited to only 5000 members Worldwide

Noir Cigars, handcrafted for those that live life on their terms. Those with an acquired taste for the most powerful of passions life has to offer…

When you become a member of Noir Cigars we start our missing to make four of the finest hand rolled”Handcrafted” cigars in the World for you.

The most Noir Cigars that can be ordered at one time for you from start to finish is twenty five once a year.


Cigar Tobacco Leaves from Nicaraguan & Dominican make up our (Tri-blend Noir Cigars)
The Cigar Tobacco we us to provide you with our Noir Cigars is very limited

  • Cigar Tobacco Leaves are aged 25 to 30+ years before shipped
  • Shipped to the USA four times a year to be handcrafted
  • Handcrafted by Master Cigar Rollers (Min. 40 yrs as a Master)
  • Long Leaf Filler is from some of the finest Nicaraguan Cigar Tobacco

Cigar Tobacco Leaves NicaraguanNicaraguan Cigar Tobacco

We us antiques handcrafted wood cigar molds to press our Filler and Binder together

  • Long Leaf Binder is from some of the finest Dominican Cigar Tobacco
  • Our Noir Cigars size is cut at this time

Cigar Tobacco Leaves DominicanDominican Cigar Tobacco

Only one Master Cigar Roller hand picks your Filler, Binder and Wrapper per order

  • Long Leaf Wrapper is too from some of the finest Dominican Cigar Tobacco
  • The wrapper is trimmed to the size need
  • The wrapper is place around the pressed Filler & Binder
  • The wrapper is trimmed to make the final Noir Cigars desired appearance
  • Our Noir Cigar a Maduro Torpedo 56 x 7.5

 Wood Cigar MoldAntiques wood cigar molds

1 year memberships

50% of our net proceeds goes to supporting Noir Short Films on an International level.